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wits investment society logo

The Wits Investment Society logo has been based on the ‘Bull vs Bear ’ dynamic within the context of finance and marketing trends. The bull is positioned  rearing up toward a bear, reflecting a sense of optimism- a pointer in the market to prices going up. The bear attacks the bull with a downward crouch and swipe of its paw. This movement conversely indicates a sense of pessimism- a marker to prices going down.

about this project

Category: Logo, Design

Elements: Logo Design & Facebook Cover Images

project brief

Create a logo for the Wits Investment Society Facebook page. The page provides a platform for young business or investment students at Wits to prepare them better for the corporate landscape. The WISOC page shares networking opportunities, workshops and events to this effect.

artwork description

The logo has been implemented for use on the WISOC Facebook Page. It has also been used for any advertising material for WISOC events [managed by the client]. View the page here.