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graedegaz the greedy dragon

The storyboard for this animation was inspired by Smaug the dragon from ‘The Hobbit’. The character design for this dragon was drawn from Proto Germanic and Norse origins of the word Graedagaz, which means greedy. Graedagaz’ food pile draws parallels to the hoarding nature of Smaug and his gold.

about this project

Category: Art, Design, Animation, 2D

Medium: 2D Animation

project brief

Create a 30 sec animation using 2D animation techniques.

artwork description

Graedagaz sits on a pile of food at the opening of the animation; his slumber is interrupted by a noise which he goes to investigate. Upon returning to his cave, he finds that another dragon has helped himself to the food pile. A fight breaks out and neither dragon wins, Graedagaz is still left with an empty stomach.