ofart&design | Chance Drawing Series
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chance drawing series

These works have been an exercise in experimentation with tools and with medium. I range of tools including string, shaped pieces of wood, feathers and material was provided of which other works have stemmed. The use of the perspex rod and ink was however the most challenging. It has been refreshing to create unconventional work like this that requires the movement of the body, and an unpredictably moving tool for  the drawing to be formed. 

about this project

Category: Art, Drawing, Conceptual

Medium: Perspex Rod, Pen & Ink

project brief

Make a series of drawings using non-traditional tools to make the markings.

artwork description

This series was made using a 3m long. flexible perspex rod, dipped into ink and used, like a pen/pencil or paintbrush, to make marks on the drawings surface. The drawings were also made standing up and at a distance. The resulting works use both action drawing and ‘chance drawing’ techniques. The lack of control over ones drawing tools means that the marks themselves are a product of the unexpected. There is also a more gestural feel to the work in that they are drawn through whole movements of the body and arm rather than a steady hand at a desk.