ofart&design | Break Sculpture Series
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‘break’ sculpture series

The concept for this project is aimed toward setting up conditions through which an atmosphere of tension, anxiety or fear could be experienced. These ‘conditions’ have taken the form of sculptures consisting of wood, glass and ceramic objects that have been filled with a cement mixture. These objects have been layered such a way as to seem precarious, strange and unfamiliar to the viewer.

about this project

Category: Art, Conceptual, Sculpture

Medium: Wood, Cement, Glass

project brief

Themes, concepts and material exploration of any choice based on a progression of work.

artwork description

Four, 2m tall, sculptures fashioned from a variety of different materials including glass, ceramics, cement and wood. The final sculptures were ‘balanced’due to the weight, or lack of weight, of the objects and their position. In some instances the glass and wooden objects have been glued in place to increase the stability of the sculpture. The most successful work was the cement and ceramic  sculpture which entirely relied on the heaviness of each object to remain balanced. Those viewing the work directly engaged with a sense of anxiety and fear for the sculpture at the thought of it falling.