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im a fine artist.

now what?

welcome to my creative portfolio

My approach to design has been shaped by a background in both traditional and digital art forms.This included an exploration of drawing, printmaking, photography, painting and sculpture techniques as well as instruction in the fundamentals of website and program design, 2D and 3D animation. I have been trained primarily as a conceptual thinker which has allowed my work to develop through, and from, strong ideas.  As a creative, that occupies a dual space between fine artist and graphic designer, it is my objective to engage my work through aspects of both disciplines as means of transforming it.

the challenge

with design

is allowing it to become art

I have always used meaning, and experience, as a way into navigating and ‘locating’ my work. It is a curious thing how meaning and ‘ meaningfulness’ is able to define, construct and deconstruct a piece of work and distribute it beyond its singular form as a ‘side-effect’ of the artists ideas. I am interested in producing work that exists within this liminal space, both an incident of the artist and its audience simultaneously, work that is able to articulate something meaningful, work that functions and flourishes through a state of reciprocity. It is through this approach that I hope design should be allowed to become art.

brand identity

To create forms that offer a semblance of character, that ‘live’ and communicate with the world is art.

web design

There is a simultaneously frustrating and satisfying quality to a conquered line of code.


Works of fiction should be devoured; they are the martyrs of escapism and inspired writing.


The simplicity of the act of drawing defines how, in a few marks, an entire story can be captured.

get in touch

contact details

If you would like to get in touch, please send me a direct mail or fill out the contact form. You can also follow me on social media or view my curriculum vitae for more information. Please note that my professional portfolio is available on request!

Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa